Somaliland: Why Did People in Full Flight Amid Stability? By Abdirahman Mohamed.

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Hardly a day passes by without a family in Somaliland mourning for the sadly deceased, beloved daughter or son whom they raised for so many years and sent to school or college but died of thirst or of shark which intercepted him or her in some point in their risky voyage to Heaven. What a pity! It is a national crisis of some sort but nobody wants to acknowledge it neither the president nor his sheepish cabinet because at the least they expect the problem to disappear spontaneously. Moreover, there is a great deal of talk about Illegal immigration and the unprecedented boom of human trafficking industry which employs thousands of people in the form of network scattered all over the Sub-Saharan countries and North Africa . People suggested so many ways of curbing or eliminating the curse including strict border controls, but so far the exodus is in full swing because the root cause of their misery as well as their massive displacement remains outstanding, namely the lack of job opportunities. But this entire hullabaloo on this important is simply crocodile tears.

Nonetheless; the  president locally known as Ahmed The Committee nominated cabinet ministerial committee comprising of Diaspora and ministers whose children’ visa processes are pending in the UK embassy in Addis Ababa,  to persuade  youth’s to cease flight to Europe or to entertain risky voyageurs perhaps; the committee talked about youth’s illusion of Europe which was superficiality ; they begun to spoke of the plain things everyone can see: the inherent risks in the desert journey and the risky voyages which  are the effects, rather than addressing the root cause and what setting them off to take risks in the first place. Obviously, apart from few employed on nepotism by Sheikh Samale of finance minister and his ilk, youth are totally unemployed. Besides, there is no light at the end of the tunnel. Mark my word, youth will continue to flood as long as Silanyo’s regime play out this sort of concert: distributing leaflets and rhetoric on TVs.


The guys in charge of Human Trafficking Affairs are Western Returnees thus automatically disqualified to lecture to youth unless they openly talk their woes in their attempt to reach overseas to better themselves economically. Youth know some of these cried all the way to the bank.


In contrast, while Kolaha Toosinta, or Council of Rectification whose founding members shed their blood for the liberty Hirsi and his ilk are enjoying are threatened with arbitrary detentions and instant executions by the silly government on daily basis until they forced to change their name, the president and his escort, Hirsi, openly  dancing in big feast in Mansoor Hotel held only for Europe returnees who are mainly Boat Wreckage Survivors known in Europe-wide as Titanics, referring to the Titanic Ship disaster inadvertently encouraging youth massive flight in stupid way.


Though the exodus can be traced to one or more several causes, some overheard money grows on trees in the West, in other words, there is easy money cashing on from the welfare based system states without any effort thus this type of persons are motivated by greediness  and are doing everything they can to reach Europe , but above all, the primary cause is hopelessness and abject poverty resulted from open embezzlement and unprecedented massive corruption that always done by civil servants from president to lowest level administrator, however; the ministerial committee in charge of curbing the curse are avoiding to address the root cause of the youth’s plight as this would involve in maladministration and corruption. We all know Somaliland is one of the least populated countries on earth, consequently; no justification for the poverty whatsoever that youth claim to force them to flee out of the country.


The recently formed Ad hoc task pays lip-service to this overriding issue to avoid their responsibilities. No scientific debate on the matter so far apart from rhetoric and wild guess.


Apart from this, Silanyo’s coteries begun new phenomenon of recruiting people from diasporas for the meanest jobs like routine clerical jobs crowding out the tiny job opportunities in the deprived nation. This made locally trained graduates absolutely unnecessary! The First Secretary of the presidential office is from diasporas, from the First Family, and the head of Information Ministry and the real spokesman is Bashe Morgan, the son-in-law of President Silanyo and their ilk.


However, graduates themselves go to schools for game and just take papers, not for enlightenment or knowledge! This is very shameful behavior. The entire education which is an investment in other African countries was misunderstood in Hargaysa.


On the other hand, cynics says a government that failed to supply water, the basic essential, and security to citizens (because Somaliland public begun community vigilante to protect themselves from armed criminals and terrorists within their ranks), can’t be expected to create jobs for the nationals.


However; even in the worst years of the deadly civil war in 1994-97, youth remained inside the country due to the great expectation of the future and better change— perhaps President Ahmed Silanyo would turn salty ocean into honey but that become true only for his clannish henchmen and other immoral collaborators —it seems once youth realized yes-men elders still in work sharing the cake and  remain change-resistant, the youth decided to flee  even to every place including  war zones like Mogadishu or Darfur out of desperation.


Youth and working age flight, an economically dangerous, can be prevented only by creating jobs for the youth, a rather than rhetoric in place. But the ministerial committee who sent their children to or returned from Europe cannot be a role model or are not in position to lecture to them. What a double talk! Youth need role models by act. Sheikhs are peaceful c, not violent murderers in case point, that just for follies now. Days of mere words gone and never come back.


In most continents, Somalilanders can be found languishing in foreign prisons but the burden to release is always upon their families alone, no embassy or honest national agent for that matter. We have Director General (DG) for the unskilled folks in the Diaspora, we’ve DGs for Khat, and multiple DGs for women, dogs as well, but not Director General for the human trafficking. Why? It is insignificant, calling this human tragedy insignificant by Silanyo’s government is like calling piracy and terror an insignificant, sorry it does not work out.


Waiting change to come more than twenty years but not yet materialized, they get exhausted and decided to desperately leave the country in great numbers as their newly born country is unfortunately hijacked by indifferent bureaucrats and theocrats of all types. Will mere rhetoric about the death of illegal immigration and awareness programs by Western returnee ministers do any good to stop the rising flight of youth? The exodus seems go on and on unless effective solution: job creation and fair distribution of national revenues are pragmatic solutions for this human tragedy.


By Abdirahman Mohamed Dirye



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