Somaliland:Pontus Marine LTD Opens New offices in the Port town of Berbera.

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Burco(BM)-Pontus Marine LTD has today opened a new office which will act as the country’s new headquarters of the fisheries company in the port town of Berbera followed which was by  a well-attended ceremony held at the barwaqo Hotel.

The opening ceremony was briefly disrupted by the police who demanded to see the permit for  holding the meeting which they organizers the of the event produced and again the second time the regional police boss who came in person but his efforts to stop the function was prevented by local leaders including Sultan Mahmoud Ahmed Sheik and Mr. Ibrahim Abdillahi Hussein who intervened asking the police chief to state the reason of stopping the meeting which he declined to elaborate which later resulted to the resumption  the meeting .

The function later proceeded without any further interruptions with Mr. Ahmed Abokor the Managing director of Pontus marine LTD stating the numerous aspects of the fisheries sector development plan of the company further the scale and scope of the fisheries company, he urged Sahil residents to take part in the groundbreaking fisheries plans designed by Pontus marine by obtaining shares in the fishing company.

The Managing director of Pontus marine gave in-depth  elaboration on the company  plans to acquire fishing boats and equipment which will be used by local fishermen to catch fish in addition to delivery vans and trucks and the construction cold storage warehouses. Berbera will be the main export hub of the fisheries and all infrastructures to sustain the export will be in place at the end of the first year of the company.

 “The Managing Director of Pontus Marine Ltd Mr. Ahmed Abokor revealed that over 400 new employment opportunities are targeted following the share issue to the public and we plan on creating an infrastructure that supports commercial fishing to be almost non- excitant in this coastal areas hence the need to develop this sector, that’s why we are trying our best to create by creating much needed employment for local fishermen,” said Mr. Abokor.

“So far hundreds of somalilanders in the Diaspora have already acquired Pontus marine ltd fisheries development shares” said Mr. Abokor as he informed that $5m worth of shares are on offer for Somaliland citizens.

In another function held in Togdheer region more than 79 residents of Burco were the latest shareholders to purchase the Pontus marine shares which are part of the package been is offered to the Somaliland public to buy shares valued at $1 a share with no maximum limit until the target of $5 million is raised during a one day conference held by the founders of the Guul Group company at the prestigious Barwaqo Hotel, Burco.

Among those attending the one conference organized by Guul group were, academicians, businessmen, and members of the public were there to witness the presentation of the company manifesto and fisheries program which was followed by questions from potential customers.

The share taking will be based on first come first served which means that those that buy the shares early will get the top shares depending on the value of the shares that they buy . The company is expected to make profit during the second year of its formation as the first year will be the formation of the business in Somaliland and building the infrastructure as well procuring the necessary equipment’s.

The fisheries business will target the Somaliland consumers first, seconded is by targeting the 85 Million people of neighboring Ethiopian market. Ethiopia has promised to give fishing export licence to the company and has encouraged the establishment of the business although it has not invested in Pontus fisheries business. Other markets are expected to be The UAE, Saudi Arabia and China in the long run.

The Pontus marine fishery platform shall deliver canned marine products packed in establishments to be established in Saylac ,Hiis and Mayd ports in Sanaag region.

For details on how to participate in this venture for citizens outside the country or in other parts of the country kindly Contact the Guul Group Managing Director Mr. Guleid Telephone 00252 24018166 and email

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