SOMALIA: Puntland forces, Al Shabab Fight in Galgala Mountains Near Bossaso.

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Bossaso  (BM ): The authorities in Somalia’s semi-autonomous region of Puntland said its forces fought against Al Shabab fighters in Galgala mountains near Bossaso on Sunday.

The battle begun on Sunday morning after the Puntland forces launched raid on terrorist bases in the mountainous area, about 45 km southwest of Bosasso town which is the region’s port hub.

Puntland security officer in Sugure area, Colonel Jama Sicid said the forces attempted to launch a security operation in the area but the militants fired mortars against the security forces.  At least one militant were confirmed dead as the officer said they have destroyed terrorist cells in the area.

There were no independent sources in the area to confirm the claim.

Meanwhile Al Shabab media wing reported the battle but did not give any details.

Puntland security forces have been fighting against Al Shabab militia in Galgala area since 2010 when the region’s forces launched heavy assault against the terrorists.  In 2011 Puntland president said his forces completely defeated Al Shabab in Galgala and his forces took over the area but since then the militants were still able to attack the security forces bases and the main towns.


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