Man killed, three injured in Garissa shooting

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A lone gunman shot dead a shopkeeper and seriously injured three people as he tried to flee the scene on Wednesday evening in Garissa town.

Abdirahman Ali, an eyewitness, told that the man stormed the shop along Guled area brandished a pistol before shooting the shopkeeper and immediately tried to run away from the scene.

He said enraged members of the public who witnessed the shooting tried to intercept him and in the process he started shooting at them injuring three people.

Mr Ali added that the angry residents gave a chase and caught up with the gunman after his pistol ran out of bullets.


“He was beaten up and taken to the shop where the body of the shopkeeper was. He was locked up there before police came and arrested him,” he said.

Police sources could not confirm the arrest as their phone went unanswered.

The killing of the shopkeeper comes at a time when such crimes are increasing in the town with police denying claims that people from neighbouring Ethiopian were waging war between themselves on the Kenyan soil.

There was also tension in the town as a grenade was recovered near a residential area.


According to Leila Mohamed there was heavy presence of police after grenade was found near her house in Garissa Ndogo area.

Last week on Tuesday, another man was shot dead by unknown gunmen and a Member of County Assembly stabbed and seriously wounded in separate crime incidents in the town.

The man, according to Garissa OCPD Benjamin Ong’ombe, was driving his vehicle when three armed people confronted him along Kismayu road and shot seven times killing him instantly.

In the previous week, a senior cleric was shot dead while coming from a mosque.

In another incident, the ward representative for Balambala Ward Mr Idriss Bilal was stabbed on his neck and seriously wounded.

Speaking to journalists from his hospital bed, Mr Idriss said a few minutes after he was dropped by a colleague, he was accosted by three young men who robbed him of a mobile phone and money.