Suicide bombing targets Somali politician in Kismayo

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According to breaking news reports from Kismayo, a suicide bombing occurred in the city.

The explosion took place at a house in Kismayo belonging to Iftiin Hassan Baasto, a Somali politician who recently made up with Ahmed Madobe – the Leader of Interim Jubba Administration.

As confirmed, 4 of his bodyguards and a female lady were killed and 6 others were wounded, of which 4 are his children and remaining two are his bodyguards.

Iftiin Hassan Baasto confirmed to Shabelle that he had survived the assassination attempt on his life after the bomb blast at his home.

Baasto was among fighters in the recent clashes in Abdalla Biroole between Interim Jubba Administration forces with a local militia against Al-Shabaab fighters.


Shabelle Source.